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SEE Science Center Unveils Cooking & Chemistry Presented by T-BONES and CJ’s Great West Grill

SEE Science Center is pleased to unveil its newest exhibit: Cooking & Chemistry presented by T-BONES and CJ’s Great West Grill.  This exhibit is designed to inspire SEE visitors ages 3 to 7 to engage with their parents and to try new things to build confidence in a kitchen and lab setting.  The exhibit includes a play kitchen designed to look like a professional restaurant.  It is filled with kitchen tools and foods both familiar and diverse.   Side by side with the kitchen is the chemistry lab.  Designed to look like a research lab environment, the lab includes child size test tubes, beakers, flasks and more.

In the exhibit area, visitors can compare sizes and types of measuring devices such as graduated cylinders and measuring cups. Visitors can also explore which areas will be “hot” or “cold”, count and compare ingredients, and sort different foods or lab samples. A child friendly microscope allows visitors to get their first look at things close up.


“Partnering with SEE Science Center is a fantastic opportunity for us to encourage interactive learning about food & food science. SEE is instrumental in inspiring young minds within our community and we share in their passion. We love how it all came together and our continued partnership on exhibits” said Nicole Barreira, Director of Marketing and Menu Development at Great NH Restaurants

This exhibit is possible through both financial support and teamwork from Great NH Restaurants and Chef Nicole.  “It is a pleasure to continue our partnership with a talented local organization who shares our commitment to encouraging youth in our community to try new things and build their confidence to do so.” said SEE executive director Susan Howland.   This is the second exhibit at SEE in partnership with Great NH Restaurants.  “Science in the Kitchen with Chef Nicole!”  has been an incredibly popular part of the Early Explorers area over the last five years.  “We are confident this new exhibit will have a lasting impact as well.” adds Howland.

SEE visitors can enter to win T-BONES and CJ’s Great West Grill gift cards throughout the day April 23, 2019.

Great NH Restaurants, Inc. is the marketing and management company solely dedicated to T-BONES, CJ’s, Cactus Jack’s, and Copper Door Restaurant. For more information visit

SEE Brings BiologYou to Millyard

The suite of new exhibits that SEE purchased thanks to winning the top grant in the Entrepreneurs’ Fund of New Hampshire’s AMP Grant competition are installed and being enjoyed by SEE visitors.

The colorful, giant DNA model draws “Wows!” from visitors as they approach. Coordinated lights introduce the amazing structure of our human code. Visitors share laughs when they discover that they share 30% of their DNA with a worm! Using the Cell Explorer, visitors find that DNA is in every one of their cells. From DNA to cells to tissues, visitors learn how their secret code allows their bodies to make everything they need.

Visit SEE to experience this new permanent exhibition for yourself.


Amplifying SEE

Tsenter00398he SEE Science Center earned the top grant of $50,000 in the Entrepreneurs’ Fund of New Hampshire (EFNH)’s AMP Award Competition. EFNH is an initiative of the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation which channels the expertise, energy and passion of the state’s leading entrepreneurs to strengthen New Hampshire communities through innovative philanthropy. Leaders from forty two qualifying non-profits were guided and coached by entrepreneurial leaders during the three month long competitive process that culminated on March 6th. SEE Science Center’s operations director, Peter Gustafson was one of five nonprofit leaders chosen to make a three-minute pitch at the annual AMP Grant Award Event.

The SEE Science Center’s pitch described how investments in new permanent exhibit areas have been a catalyst for organizational growth, amplifying SEE’s reach, impact and operating budget. Peter emphasized that now is the time to invest in a new exhibit area and programs focusing on human genetics and biotechnology. With the growth and development of the biotech and bio-med industries in New Hampshire and Dean Kamen’s launch of the Advanced Regenerative Manufacturing Institute (ARMI) in Manchester, SEE will seize the opportunity to engage our audience with this technology.

In the AMP competition, EFNH members voted for nonprofit projects in “real-time” based on anticipated “amplified benefits” for the organizations and communities they serve. SEE’s proposal was revealed as the winner at the end of the night. “This has been a great opportunity for SEE to participate in this highly competitive learning and funding opportunity. The Entrepreneurs’ Fund coaches were terrific motivators and the process was fun, a little nerve-wracking and very exciting in the end.” said SEE executive director, Susan Howland. The award will be used to purchase Genome, a world class 3,000 square foot exhibition focusing on human genetics and biotechnology. Genome includes 14 interactive components, which will be the keystone for new programming for students, the general public and summer campers visiting the center. SEE will continue planting seeds for a future workforce and an informed community of decision makers and consumers. The endeavor is called BiologYou and will begin to take form in the fall of 2018.


SEE Science Center joins institutions worldwide in celebrating International Science Center & Science Museum Day, Nov. 10, 2017


The SEE Science Center is very excited to be participating in the largest joint project ever launched by the world’s science centers and museums.  SEE will join 300+ other institutions and hundreds of thousands of people on every inhabited continent to celebrate International Science Center & Science Museum Day (ISCSMD) on Friday, November 10.

ISCSMD activities at SEE Science Center and locations around the world represent a united international effort to raise awareness and encourage action towards global sustainability, focusing on the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which seek to end poverty, fight inequalities, tackle climate change, and transform our world—while ensuring that no one is left behind.

SEE’s focus will be on Goal #6; To ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.

Here in New Hampshire, there have been recent issues with contaminated wells and drought.  Many NH innovators are trying to solve water issues not just locally but globally.  The attention focused on these issues and efforts has inspired our science center to foster a greater understanding of water and its management.

To achieve greater community awareness of the importance of clean water, the SEE Science Center has brought the traveling exhibition Water’s Extreme Journey to Manchester NH in partnership with RBC Wealth Management and Eversource from September 16, 2017 through January 15, 2018.  This interactive Minotaur Maze encourages visitors to take a role in preserving and protecting our water resources.  Visitors journey through the watershed and the water cycle as a drop of water while discovering how to stay clean and healthy along the way.

To showcase local efforts that are helping to solve worldwide water issues, a model of the Slinghot™ is on display at SEE in conjunction with the maze exhibition. The Slinghot™ is a water purification system designed to clean non-potable water in the developing world using only a small amount of energy.  This system was invented and developed in Manchester, NH by inventor and SEE Founder Dean Kamen and DEKA Research & Development engineers. This invention was featured in the Documentary film by the same name.

Water’s Extreme Journey is included with regular admission to the SEE Science Center.  Stop in and check it out!


SEE Science Center Awarded $200,000 in CDFA Tax Credits

Manchester, NH – The SEE Science Center has been awarded a 2017 Community Development Investment Program (CDIP) grant from The NH Community Development Finance Authority (CDFA).    The CDFA grants state tax credit awards on a competitive basis to qualified organizations for specific projects or programs.  Organizations that are chosen partner with NH businesses who receive 75% state tax credit for their contributions.  The grant in the amount of $200,000 will assist the SEE Science Center with several organizational goals.

In order to continue to inspire interest in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM), the SEE Science Center plans to use the grant to upgrade and acquire new exhibits.   The greater Manchester area continues to grow as a center for high tech businesses and industries.  Therefore SEE believes it is more important than ever to provide a place to introduce and inspire interest in STEM careers and lifelong science learning for the community.   SEE plans to partner with businesses and research organizations to introduce new exhibit topics to the center and to showcase local innovations.   The grant will also allow SEE to further their efforts to promote and practice sustainability by installing LEED certified LED lighting throughout the center.

The SEE Science center is open to the public seven days a week with hands-on interactive exhibits, daily demonstrations and the community built LEGO® Millyard Project.   SEE also offers field trip, group and outreach programs, camps and mini-courses, hosts traveling exhibits and more.  SEE is located in Manchester’s historic Millyard at 200 Bedford Street for more information visit  For information about how to partner with SEE in this CDIP grant, please call Peter Gustafson at 669-0400.

CDIP to SEE.jpg

Meet The Team Part Three

Meet Jack! He is a visitor facilitator here at SEE and has been a part of the of the team for two years! Jack’s favorite thing about his job is knowing that he is a part of something that makes a difference in the way kids learn and interact with others, while having fun at the same time.


Meet Glenna! She is a the Operations and Program Coordinator here at SEE and has been a part of the team for almost 10 years! One of her favorite things about her job is being able to interact with students everyday and see their excitement when learning!


Meet Jordan! She is the Weekend Supervisor here at SEE and has been a part of the team for 6 years this month! She started working at SEE as a high school student, continued as an undergraduate and now, is a grad student. Her favorite thing about her job is working with a great team and great customers. The experience has really helped her grow! Every time she works she sees kids stare in amazement or say “WOAH!” Which makes her smile. She also enjoys watching high school students on the SEE team and grow as individuals like she did gaining skills that will benefit them in their future careers!

Jordan Fair FB.jpg

Meet The Team Part Two

Meet Susan! She is the Executive Director here at SEE and has been a part of the team for five months! Her favorite thing about being part of the SEE team is working with an amazing team and seeing/hearing the happy kids being excited about science every day!


Meet Adele! She is the Design Coordinator here at SEE and has been a part of the team since 2000! Her favorite thing about her job is being able to combine her love of art and science while using creativity to help SEE achieve its goals!


Meet Jenny! She is a weekend visitor facilitator here at SEE! She is a new member of the team having been here for a little over a month! Her favorite thing about being part of the team is encouraging science in young children!