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Camp Summer Science

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Becky Mayhew

Operations & Programs Manager

Summer is coming faster than we realize and that means I am getting ready for summer camp here at the SEE Science Center!  Although it ranks right up there as two of my most tiring weeks of the year, they are also a contenders for my two favorite weeks of the year.  I honestly have just as much fun as the campers.  Our science camp is all hands-on and extremely engaging.

For most of the year, I interact with a child for an hour or two during a school field trip but during camp we have a whole week filled with cool science activities.This year I am excited about two brand new modules we are offering to our campers. Nano Science, which is the science of things that are TINY!  It should be really interesting exploring things that are too small to see. And the very tricky Science of Magic which will delve into some of the science behind the magic. Add in some serious free explore time at the science center, Reverse Engineering, exhibit prototype building and top it off with a Make Your Own Sundae Party and how can you lose?

I am SO ready!  Now all I need are the campers…


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