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SEE Celebrates

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By Douglas Heuser


 Executive Director




This past October, one of our young employees agreed to speak at the SEE Celebrates event held at the home of our founder, Dean Kamen. She is studying to be an archaeologist and spoke about how SEE inspired her love of science.  She has been coming to SEE since she was a small child. We have shared some of her words and the words of others who took the time to speak on SEE’s behalf this year in our annual campaign.


When I first met with Dean 30 years ago and listened to his vision of how to inspire young people to get interested in science and math, I hoped that we could create the type of place that SEE has become, a place that generates interest in scientific pursuits that lead to STEM careers.  


Has SEE influenced your life and/or career?  Please share your story with us.   Our goal is to ignite a spark of discovery in all our visitors: with your support we can continue to do so.  Please take a moment to read our annual appeal, and consider a donation.  SEE would not be where it is today without strong community support.


You can send your story to:



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